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Your experts for fair market value assessment, rent evaluation and mediation!

Evaluation in the field of building property, for example rent evaluation, fits the need for a precise estimation of the property value and, likewise, the possible rent
Our daily business is the evaluation of real estate for every imaginable usage scenario and in all shapes and sizes, in order to determine fair market value in short. We do our work with the highest commitment and offer detail rich solutions that precisely fit the wishes of our clients. Thanks to many years of experience and our profound market experience in many different areas, we have the pleasure of having large corporations, banks, local authorities, courts and private investors, as well as private individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises as our customers when it comes to obtaining an objective market value assessment or real estate valuation. Our office is located in the commercial area of Bad Homburg. Our expert Stephan Schlocker is responsible for all matters concerning the real estate evaluation in the entire region of Bad Homburg, Oberursel and Frankfurt.


  • Real estate valuation
  • Land value and standard land value
  • Fair market value
  • Sales comparison approach
  • Residual value method
  • Sustainable rent
  • Replacement costs
  • Due diligence
  • Economic life
  • Evaluation according to international standards
  • Consultancy regarding all kinds of real estate


Comprehensive knowledge is required for the market value determination of real estate and building property

As a well-informed expert office for real estate consulting and market valuation in Bad Homburg, Oberursel, the Frankfurt region and beyond, we always stay up to date. Whether it is a rental value appraisal, a loan calculation or a valuation according to international standards: the comprehensive assessment of the situation and the precise as well as concise expert opinion we deliver can help to provide a strong base for a successful negotiation in the long run. We are also happy to check appraisals by third parties for you.

Professional property evaluation by our experts

Our expert office for property evaluation and our expert Mr. Schlocker offers professional and accurate rental valuations for Bad Homburg, Oberursel and the region in and around Frankfurt. For this purpose we compare rents in the region, calculate an average and include other factors as well. This way tenants and landlords are able to gain a better understanding of what the current fair market rent for apartments or houses is.

Your real estate consulting agency in Bad Homburg

We are at your disposal for any questions regarding the valuation of real estate, building property and market value determination. As a professional appraiser in the field of real estate consultancy based in Bad Homburg, we can advise you on all questions regarding the field of certificates for building and real estate, and Stephan Schlocker can also act as a real estate mediator before a legal dispute arises between conflicting parties.

Empathic conciliation in disputes: the real estate mediator

In addition to the valuation of real estate as a real estate consultant, we also act as a real estate mediator. If two parties are not willing to come to an agreement and there are private disagreements as well, an expert mediator might be required. Many disputes may be able to be settled before a potential court date. As an expert office for real estate consultancy for Bad Homburg, Oberursel and the Frankfurt area, we work in the background and help to bring all parties back to the negotiations, as well as act to stimulate solutions. However, the final agreement is left to the parties involved. A good mediator does not push for specific solutions, but encourages and advises in a way so that the parties involved can manage to agree on a solution by themselves.


Objective evaluation of real estate and building property

Stephan Schlocker is publicly appointed and sworn in by the IHK Frankfurt for the valuation of real estate and building property, rents and leases. He is part of several expert committees and industrial organizations and also a member of the committee of experts of the city of Bad Homburg. He is also a lecturer at the Fachakademien, the IHK and the IVD. In addition, Stephan Schlocker is a trained real estate mediator according to the guidelines of the Federal Association for Mediation (BM) and is therefore able to reach consensual solutions even for complicated situations. In addition to real estate and building property appraisals, Mr Schlocker can also act as an expert neutral conciliator in order to resolve disputes in Oberursel, Bad Homburg and the entire Frankfurt area before they go to court.
We will be pleased to provide you with the required documentation for a traffic calculation.

Some of your benefits:

  • Professional and objective opinions
  • Accurate and market-oriented estimation of real estate, which help to be more effective in negotiations
  • Intensive and detailed up to date research with no details left out
  • Help with obtaining all necessary documents
  • Detailed collection of all essential information regarding a property
  • You receive a comprehensive and objective consultation based on the latest available knowledge
  • The extensive network allows us to provide you with competent support and advice
  • Due to our wide range of contacts, we can offer services even for peripheral areas of a given topic
  • Mediation: solutions become possible outside of a courtroom, there is less stress and turmoil involved, and the rights of all involved parties stay protected


Here is a small sample of the objects we performed valuations for

Office properties

Hotel properties

Retail properties

Commercial properties

Specialty properties

Residential properties


Stephan Schlocker

Stephan Schlocker

Ingo Drohlshagen

Ingo Drolshagen

Friederike Pfeifer

Friederike Pfeifer

Laura Schlocker

Laura Schlocker

Anja Beike

Anja Beike

Miguel Schulte

Miguel Schulte

Alexander Nahm

Alexander Nahm

Stephan Schlocker is publicly appointed and sworn in by the IHK Frankfurt for the valuation of real estate, buildings and property, rents and leases.


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