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Expert Office

We can advise you on all topics regarding real estate

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Real estate valuation service

A complete appraisal of real estate combines many relevant factors

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Real estate consultant

We can consult with and inform you during the initial inspection and survey of an object

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In case of disputes our expert office offers mediation services through a qualified mediator

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During our appraisal process we conduct intensive market and location research in order to be able to create well-reasoned statements regarding the market viability of any given object.
Each one of our expert opinions is created individually and tailored according to the given task at hand. We are able to utilize the full range of both German and International evaluation metrics and methods.
When creating market and loan valuations we are keenly aware that the market requires a constant eye on updates and information, so as to stay on top of developments like market price fluctuations. With the help of internal and external databases, excellent contacts and the collaboration with several forums in the real estate business, we have access to a wide range of information regarding sale numbers, figures and prices. This gives us insight into all the transactions required to properly value real estate even for valuation dates in the past.
Each of our appraisals is personally and conscientiously crafted, as well as checked and controlled from beginning to end.
  • Market- and fair market valuation
  • Mortgage lending valuation
  • Rental and leasing valuations
  • Court opinions
  • Expert opinions
  • Valuations regarding balancing procedures
  • Plausibility of third-party expert opinions
  • Follow-up valuations
  • Due Dilligence
  • Valuations according to international standards
  • Consulting services on real estate
  • Support with purchase process
  • Support with handing over of real estate
  • Oversight of real estate

References and former contracts

Here you can find our references and some of our former work

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Stephan Schlocker is publicly appointed and sworn in by the IHK Frankfurt for the valuation of real estate, buildings and property, rents and leases.


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