Expert advice when planning to buy and sell real estate

The advice of a real estate consultant should be regarded as a good investment - hidden costs and the object’s specifications can be clarified on the spot in the case of real estate purchase

The purchase of an object - whether for private or commercial use - is a step in which all advantages and disadvantages should be weighed carefully against each other. One must not forget that these transactions represent long-term decisions and larger sums of money exchange hands. Accordingly having someone with you that can competently assess an object with a proficient eye may prove an advantage, as with our service of professional real estate evaluation. We can help to prevent potential errors of judgment and make sure you know about defects that might otherwise be overlooked ahead of time.
  • We will accompany you as consultants
  • We check documents on request
  • If so desired, we can take further action in regards to real estate valuation

On request, our office will check the relevant documents

Compared to a simple inspection by say a layman, you have several advantages when working with us: Based on the objectives and intended use of the object in question and with the help of our team, especially Mr. Schlocker in person, who has a trained eye for many potential problems, concealed costs can quickly be revealed and exposed during the inspection already. This can then be used as an important argument and factor in further negotiations – or maybe even make it clear that the choice of another object may be the more prudent option.

Here are various advantages that may arise from consulting:

  • Exact matching of the object with your specifications ensures the highest efficiency of the object’s utilization
  • Possibly hidden defects and issues can be quickly discovered by our expert eyes and thus be incorporated into the purchase decision making process and negotiations
  • Based on the parameters given by our client, our office can assess the suitable objects in regards to the usability for the intended purpose
On this basis, we can also examine existing documents or offer a comprehensive evaluation as a service. This will give you a much better chance to avoid buying the proverbial "pig in a poke", and helps you to know all important points in advance. Especially when buying commercial real estate, the magnitude of costs and time involved are so large, that they have a major impact on all calculations.

Reliability for the seller

A real estate consultancy can also be of advantage to the seller of a property: As a seller, you will receive reliable information about the market value of your property. Also, some concealed and also unknown defects or deficiencies may lead to future claims for damages and, in general, to difficulties in the process of selling. More information, whether by a consultation or an evaluation, can therefore be a of large benefit to the seller.
Stephan Schlocker is publicly appointed and sworn in by the IHK Frankfurt for the valuation of real estate, buildings and property, rents and leases.


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