Real estate consultant for mediation

As real estate consultants, we know that the relationship of several parties is not always free of conflict - whether it concerns tenants and landlords, tenants and tenants, or several homeowners or part owners: we help with mediation

We as real estate consultants provide mediation between disputing parties within the range of our advisory and expert work. The aim is to find a satisfactory solution for all parties. Mediation is the method of nonviolent conflict management through constructive solutions under the surveillance and with the help of a neutral, third person.

  • Mediation in the case of disputes
  • Professional advice on conflict resolution
  • Neutral position
  • Help for all parties

The starting point is the will of the conflict partners to find acceptable solutions together. This requires that the parties involved enter into a conversation that is voluntary and open, so that all opinions and views can be taken into account. A mediator is neutral between the conflict parties and works in an impartial manner, i.e. for both to the same degree. This is in sharp contrast to a court hearing the parties and the exchange of a large number of letters.

Some of your benefits:

  • To resolve conflicts outside of courts
  • Emotional stress is dampened
  • A consensual solution after thorough consultation ensures an optimal protection of the rights of all

In mediation, the conflict parties can consensually develop solutions on their own. For this goal, most people in conflict situations need support in the person of a mediator. Mediation is about insight - not law. There are no losers. Both parties can win in a constructive conversation. Mediation is primarily a verbal method. This means that communicating (facts and feelings) and mutual listening play an important role. Mediators are responsible that this is done in the right way and that the core points of conflict are actually worked out. Stephan Schlocker is a real estate mediator (DIA) trained according to the guidelines of the Federal Association for Mediation (BM) and accompanies you on the way to a peaceful coexistence. He is also a member of the Federal Association for Mediation (BM).

With this cooperative approach, many disputes can be treated deescalating and prevent protracted and costly legal proceedings. Not only that, but also the emotions are soothed, and potential discords are avoided or at least calmed. Good mediation occurs in the background: not the mediator, but the conflicting parties should be satisfied with the solution in the long run. The mediator has a peacekeeping function so that the solution found does not get impaired. The first step is to bring the two (or more) parties to a table and to initiate constructive discussions. What is best for the respective site is usually known by an experienced mediator who can compare the conflicting interests, propose compromises and, if necessary, to set up a timeline for the agreements and their subpages. With the experience and certified competence of Stephan Schlocker, a long-term and amicable solution can be found here which takes into account the interests of all sides. Successful mediation takes place before the insitutions of the law act, and thus we relieve both the judicial apparatus and the disputing parties. With a lasting, satisfying solution.

Stephan Schlocker is publicly appointed and sworn in by the IHK Frankfurt for the valuation of real estate, buildings and property, rents and leases.


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